Map of Love and Suffering part of “Seven Hours Closer”


Exhibited in «Far Away from Where?» curated by Malgorzata Bakalarz The exhibit the project took place in was centred on the idea of shifting territories and wounded geographies. Seven hours closer consists of two projects in two locations- one in border town Kulata, Bulgaria, and another in Brooklyn, NY. In their making, I become a facilitator of collective imaginations, memories, dialogue, in order to achieve a potential shift of environments. This project has several components: 1) engages with working groups in both locations 2) uses new technology for communication and generation of ideas 3) use craft expressed through public space as a tool for engagement. I investigate here the ways struggle of transition has been recorded through folk songs, culminating in a visual representation of those narratives with the use of embroidery and craft symbols from the area. While moving between constantly ‘making visible’ and the struggle to ‘be invisible’, the work culminates in determining another form of common space- one of the productions of place rather as a process than a physical territory.

Part of the exhibit “Far Away from Where?” held in Parsons Aronson Gallery in 2017.  For more information visit