I share, you share, still too expensive.


Yana Dimitrova . How much for this? 2014 detail


“I share, you share, still too expensive…”

Selected works by Yana Dimitrova

June 25th, 7-10 pm

@ w-a-l-k-e

Rue du Canal 45,

1000 Bruxelles


I share, you share, still too expensive is a project investigating practices of commoning, in transitory shared spaces. With this project Yana Dimitrova explored ‘non – spaces’ or spaces in-between as such of potential beyond their transitory function and character. Of importance to her research was how does the space ‘in-between’ provide an experimental platform for sharing and exchange, and what form can such take? What kind of exchange do such spaces contribute towards? Paintings, actions, photographs and embroideries are the main body of work in this display.

“How much for this?” consists of exchange between flea market sellers in the flea market Ju de Balle and Yana as a costumer and an object maker. In her process of exchange she made an attempt to understand diverse value systems of goods and the common exchange and negotiations operating behind them. The process involved the production of multiple pieces and their attempt for exchange and evaluation by the sellers afterwards.

In “Potential Landscape” Yana traversed train stations and spaces around them while mapping the common between the varieties of ‘non-spaces’ and ways people engage with them. She sometimes used a domestic practice as embroidery and transformed it into a tool for common interaction and communication within trains and train stations.

The process Yana explores often engages with pedestrians, commuters, citizens, artists, with main focus – offering a critique of the experiences and the structures of the everyday within a specific shared context. Notions of labour, voids and repetition, sometimes humour, have been often employed in her practice as conceptual tools exploring ideology within the social realms they occupy.

Yana Dimitrova received her BFA (2006) and MFA (2008) from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Her most recent exhibits took place in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Berlin, Budelsdorff (Germany), Bath, Manchester (UK), New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta (USA) and Sofia (Bulgaria). Dimitrova is a lecturer at The New School for liberal Arts in New York. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.