How did modernsim kill itself?


During her residency at Open Atelier AIR Amsterdam ZO, Yana researched the architectural and industrial symbols of progress, industrialization and later globalization and their following clash in 1992.

Following an interest in how the visions of “the man of the future” (Le Corbusier’s architecture) and the future itself (the cargo plane) were opposed in a conflict of dysfunction; the vision of modernity and the inability of such to sustain. How the shift of the idealized progress was sharply turned with the plane crash representing the very progress of modernity. With slight comic-tragic undertone addressed were those issues via research and through a sight specific wall installation integrating paintings, large scale wall drawings.

Continuation of a resent research she developed in a factory in rural Georgia, USA, Yana engaged with working communities in Zuidoost, through which she investigated the ideas of “future”. The process  involved a conceptually switch of roles – they, the workers, took the place of the cultural creators, and she instead – the worker, with the final product concluding as a number of paintings.

Dimitrova asked 20 community members; each one question – To describe the people of the future. The responses concluded in portraits of imaginary non existing people.


An amazing group of researchers of urban environment based in Amsterdam called “Failed Architecture”,  wrote an article on the project.